Thursday, October 18, 2007


Ladies, TODAYS’S THE DAY TO GET NOTICED! How you may ask? It is all about GLAM and IMAGE. SUCCESS for women is now about GLAM. Years ago femininity included being slightly overweight as sexy as well as pale skin and big fluffy dresses that covered women from head to toe. However, that definition of femininity has changed drastically through the numerous generations, although it always seems to focus on a women’s appearance. In just the 19th century femininity went from conservative stay-at home moms to hippie rebelliousness to disco sparkle half tops to crimped hair and leggings and finally to glam. Glam is what society defines as the new femininity. The magazine, Cosmopolitan, says “19 million women just went GLAM…the future is glam.” Glam consists of the new 5.5” heels, the now available in stiletto camel cigarettes, lip glosses, a hot pink dress and of course whatever HOLLYWOOD IS WEARING. As society falls more into the mindset of heteronormativity as well as classifying women by their physical appearance, women desire that “perfect image,” which is now glam. Women want to be considered “feminine” so badly that they beat themselves up mentally and physically. They are trying so hard to portray society’s changing definition of femininity. Women begin to desire to be appealing to society. Women desire to have men want them as well as to be accepted and therefore desire the glamorous identity even if it means getting a new hairstyle, losing 20 pounds or putting layers of “exfoliating” cosmetics to their faces. According to Anastasia Higginbotham’s, Teen Mags: How To Get a Guy, Drop 20 Pounds, and Lose Your Self-Esteem, “the pretty girl who knows how to play the game wins the prize. The “prize” being older, cooler, all-star boyfriends” (Higginbotham 93). Unfortunately, this game continues through out a women’s life. Magazines seem to support criticisms society has for women wanting to express their individuality. A women for example, who is gay or a tomboy, wouldn’t fit into the current femininity status, glam, because she doesn’t present herself to fit into popular society. Magazines portray that new “glam identity” and millions upon millions of “BODY BEAUTIFIERS” to create this “person.” They offer women thousands of tips to become “THAT GAL” (notice in the second collage) in the ad that every man desires. Naomi Wolf stated in her piece, The Beauty Myth, that “beauty objectively and universally exists. Women want to embody it and men want to possess women who embody it” (Wolf 121). They also influence women to use sexiness and looks to achieve money, work, men, etc. Magazines follow the life and fashion of young Hollywood and provide young teens how to “look” like Hallie Berry or dress like Kirsten Dunst. These young beautiful actress are looked upon as the “it” women. If you follow their style then you have a good chance of becoming “glam.” Their “looks” and styles are there to help you concoct your new sexy identity. However, women must understand what is SEXY from SKANKY and therefore fashion DON’TS are provided as well. If you look at what Cosmopolitan calls sexy, you will see a hot pink dress right above naming your guys penis as the top things. Sex is a big part of our feminine identity. The feminine look is starting to become more and more pornish and is normalized by society. Magazines see it “normal” to provide sex positions as well as “blended orgasm tips” helpful for women to be successful in our sexual society. Women want to look sexy for men because women want to find that movie love. That love you crave after watching The Notebook or the Cinderella Story. They will buy the perfume, eternity, because it represents love, a special bond, compared to the cheaper store-brand spray. Women prefer the perfume or make-up that portrays men lusting over the woman in the magazine advertisements because it brings their deepest desires of sex and love. A women’s new identity in society is glam. Viva glam. So look at this collage above, see all the tips, values and items that come together and create “glam”- hot pink dress, luscious platinum hair, golden stilettos, flawless make-up and of course a SKYY vodka martini. She is GLAM. And you could be glam too. Go ahead, make yourself DELICIOUS.


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Jessie said...

Nice Job Jill!

One quick note of caution, try not to use the quote about the number of women going "glam" from the magazine in quite the same level of seriousness (or at least it seems the same when reading your post) that you'd quote a scholarly work/one of the course readings :o)

Other than that, well done!
See the rubric on SOCS (there should be a link when you check your grades for the course) for grade and assessment specifics :o)